SullivanArc Employment Services

SullivanArc Employment Services provides employment to individuals in the community with support staff to guide them. This model utilizes an employment developer to assist with job placement and a job-coach who provides support to the individual in the form of job-site training, on-going assessment and follow-along for as long as necessary in order for the individual to maintain employment.

Employment Services, and Supported Work Opportunities

Individual Placement: An individual with a disability is placed in a job in the community and paid by the employer. SullivanArc provides support and training through a job coach, for the remainder of that person’s employment.

Performance Based Placement: Similar to an Individual placement, the individual with a disability is placed in a job in the community and paid by the employer. However, instead of a job coach providing training followed by support services, the job coaching ends after 90 days of employment, at which time the person functions totally independently.

Enclave Model: A small group of no more than 8 individuals with disabilities work side by side with non-disabled individuals while being supervised by a job coach. Individuals are usually paid by the agency providing support services.

Mobile Crew: A small group of no more than 4 individuals who do service jobs in the community with the supervision of a job coach. This group is often working in areas where grounds maintenance and custodial work is available.

Employment Services Main Office
162 East Broadway
Monticello, NY 12701

Phone: 845-796-1350 x5105
Direct Line: 845-513-5713

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